Hygeia Condom MachineWhen you place a Venworks Hygeia condom machine inside your store, you’re doing more than earning a profit. You’re offering a valuable and convenient service to your customers, as well as protecting their health and safety.

The fact is, condoms provide both highly effective protection from sexually transmitted diseases and a responsible means of birth control. By giving your customers a way to purchase condoms in a private setting out of sight from cashiers or other customers, you’re giving them a chance to protect their health without the embarrassment of a public purchase. And that benefits both your customers and the community.

More than a million condoms are purchased in the United States every day, nearly half of them by women. The sales you experience from your Hygeia latex condom machine will demonstrate that your customers strongly approve of your choice.  Most importantly, you can be certain that you’re selling the very highest quality condoms. Each of Hygeia’s products is individually electronically tested and meets the FDA’s highest standard for quality and strength.

Making Hygeia condoms available for your customers’ private purchase is clearly the right thing to do. And it’s also good business. With no capital investment required, and with inventory consistently stocked by Venworks, you simply receive a significant share of the profit. We even pay the sales tax.


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